To catch the sunrise.

All the time we keep on reminding ourselves that we need to slow down and the next place will be the one to stay longer, do nothing and rest. And then we do it again – after few days in Chiang Mai we rented a car to climb a long winding road to one mountain, […]

Poo Paper

There is a place in Chiang Mai, where you can make paper from elephants’ poo, no artificial flavors added. A great lesson on ecology – we go though every station where we learn why elephant poo is a great material for paper production: how to clean it with no chemicals, make paper goo, dye it […]


Here you have a few memories from Malaysian Borneo. These places come back on a regular basis in our memories and rank high in the top places of this trip – Kinabatangan River and Kinabalu Park in Sabah province and Bako National Park near Kuching.

Chiang Rai

We decided to go to Chiang Rai for one day and it was for two reasons. First was Baan Dam or The Black House. In fact it is not only a house but a whole complex, a kind of artistic installation by a Thai artist – Thawan Duchanee. Mr Thawan was a painter, scluptor and […]

At the end of the world

Northern Thailand seems to be very romantic at this time of the year but in fact it is not. Magical mist lingering the nearby mountains are nothing more than the smog, which is a result of farmers burning grass on their fields before new growing season. Every day I wake up with sore throat and […]


Diving is one of the best things I did in my life. Overcoming panic, fear of depth and tons of water above my head. Zen of the Zen. Filming under water is not easy. I am aware that this material is exciting only for me – my hands are shaking, good light would really make […]

Crisises when travelling

Perhaps we have been for too long in Thailand now or perhaps we have been travelling for too long because me and Wojtek we started to notice crisises. Not the big dramas but rather the weariness that creeps upon you and kills your endurance and motivation needed to face every day. In fact I do […]

Good morning Vietnam!

In fact it is more of a Goodbye Vietnam because I am writing this from a hostel in Bangkok. We came back to Thailand to see its northern part and are staying here to take care of a few matters (will my backpack be fixed this time?). We left Vietnam with mixed feelings, especially Wojtek […]