New York City

I was afraid of New York City for many reasons. I was expecting a big, overwhelming city. I knew it will be superexpensive and we are budget travellers. I feared the sadness of the last stop on our journey before heading back home. Finally I have my personal reasons which I do not want to […]

Tough love

Mexico is either fascinating or tiring to the point of thinking about leaving immediately. And then again I come across something so awesome that I want to stay. This has been happening over and over again. For the first time in this whole journey we have some health problems – fever, stuffy nose, pain in […]

Buenos dias!

– Can you hear the dentists? – Wojtek asked. Dentists are the insects which we could hear in Taman Negara and Bako National Parks in Malaysia. They make a special sound, very similar to the noise a dentist drill makes. We heard the “dentists” once again in Palenque, while visiting the ancient Mayan ruins. It […]

What a mess!

The heat and humidity hit us hard right after leaving the plane. Looks like our bodies adjusted back to dry climate and forgot how it was in South-East Asia. The boys complain but me and Wojtek were missing tropical weather. Cancun looks like a mass-tourism trap so we leave it as soon as possible on […]

Train to Chicago

We returned our second car in the beautiful town of Whitefish and loaded like camels (with all the camping gear we bought in the US on top of our backpacks) left for the train station. We decided that crossing the US on board of “Empire Builder” – an Amtrak train running along the Canadian border […]

Homeless in Seattle

We returned our rental car in Seattle and checked in at the hostel – the only one available and cheap enough not to ruin our budget. The place was cool, located in downtown with various activities for guests every day: Monday hot cocoa and cookies at 8 p.m., Wednesday excursion with a guide, Saturday beer. […]