Returning home

And so we returned. There was a welcome committee at the airport, greeting us, tired after almost 24 hours of travel, stopover, timezone difference and temperature shift into coldness of autumn. It is cold and raining again! We got the keys to our apartment back and started to slowly unpack our stuff from cardboard boxes […]


I realized it is really September and it is the final countdown. Almost a year has passed since we left Poland. At the same time on the scale of experiences, feelings, knowledge this year was like five years. When I look at the map of our route I realize how much we did. At the […]

Star Trek

Long ago, during one of long flights on a business trip, do not remeber if it was Mauritius, India or Australia, I watched a documentary on Star Trek and its creator – Gene Roddenberry. What struck me was his vision, clearly showing that humanity somehow overcame the struggles between nations and came out united to […]

Where are you from?

“Are you French?” “Excuse me, what language do you speak?” “Where do you come from?” “Is this French?” I have no idea why Americans think we are French? I would be probably a bad person to say that the only thing the Americans associate with Europe is France but on the other hand the Internet […]

Crisises when travelling

Perhaps we have been for too long in Thailand now or perhaps we have been travelling for too long because me and Wojtek we started to notice crisises. Not the big dramas but rather the weariness that creeps upon you and kills your endurance and motivation needed to face every day. In fact I do […]

On travelling

Travelling is easier than I thought. First of all, the Internet is everywhere – you buy a local SIM and even is most god-forgotten places, which were supposed to be calm, quiet and with no electricity you have access, You can check the map, book accommodation, buy tickets or even have a conversation in local […]
Crowd on Malacca Jonker Walk

Reasons we travel

One of the reasons we decided to quit our jobs and go for a sabbatical was to show the world to our kids. And not just “the world” but rather “the world as it is now”. To be honest it is quite likely it will not be like this anymore when they grow up. So […]

Around the world. How it all started?

The idea to travel around the world popped up a few years ago. In fact let’s be honest – we are not unique in thinking “there is more to life than a 9-to-5 job, living weekend to weekend following the regular beat of monthly mortgage payments”. One day, searching for end of the Internet I […]

welcome home where time stands still

I was lacking courage to write something and actually I was lost for words. On 1st of September we came back to Poland. We were living on Mauritius for a year.  All the feelings, images, thoughts would be more than enough to write a book but I guess for many readers it would be hard […]

Ocean drive

It turned out I had to come back to Warsaw for a few days and also had to take Szymon with me. We were leaving sunny Warsaw full of strawberries, fresh potatoes, dill, cyclists and picnics by the river. It is this time of the year when both chestnut trees and elderberries blossom and even […]