Crisises when travelling

Perhaps we have been for too long in Thailand now or perhaps we have been travelling for too long because me and Wojtek we started to notice crisises. Not the big dramas but rather the weariness that creeps upon you and kills your endurance and motivation needed to face every day. In fact I do not think this is something unexpected or unusual. I do not believe that one can spend many months travelling and being high on endorphines all the time. Yet the crisises are what most travellers usually skip when writing their stories. After all who will believe, if you are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and it is nice and warm outside. Right? Sometimes I am observing us and our reactions, wondering what the future will bring.

I am sure we are already past the zeal of freshmen travellers which leads you to check upon every item on Unesco World Heritage list (or Travelfish or Tripsavvy – we cannot stand Lonely Planet, sorry). Every day we drift further and further away from the famous Banana Pancake Trail. As Tytus nicely pointed out a few days ago, after seeing Angkor Wat, Borobudur and the Giand Golden Buddha there is not really that much left to impress you (unless you are The White Temple of Chiang Rai – we’ll get there in another post).

After we arrive at a new place, sometimes we do not want to go sightseeing at all. There are days spent being lazy at the hostel, each one of us doing stuff completely unrelated to our trip. We miss Polish food. The boys fantasize about dark bread and pickled cucumbers. Szymon tells us stories about how he will be eating pork chops at his grandma Mary’s place for a month after we come back (beetroot soup and brownie at the grandma Dorothy).

We miss our family and friends even more. I’ve had dreams about my work and some random friends a few times, so I am wondering what my subconscious brain wants to tell me? I am still amazed of the technology which allows us to call, chat or have a video conference with those close to my heart. Yet still this is like licking an ice-cream through glass. Online interactions will never replace being with them face to face and you realize it the hard way when your mum is about to have a surgery and you really want to be next to her rather than at the other side of the globe.

We love one another so much but sometimes we have enough of us too. Sometimes we joke about spending a few months meditating in one of the nearby monasteries. Or a week without hearing anyone talking to you FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!! You do not have to talk to anyone too and can spend the day just with your thoughts. Undisturbed. Unimaginable luxury. Our sons would be well taken care of at Kung Fu retreat at the same time, their energy channeled into someting productive rather than spent fighting or arguing with each other.

When in crisis, you need to change something. Being a woman one could change their haircut for example. I am afraid of local “stylists”, so I decided to do it on my own. With my own hands. We had a few days of fun after my already washed out old color turned into “old-lady-beetroot-soup” one (in the end who would have listened to boys’ advice – darling, come on, be cool, choose violet).

Yet there are still places at the end of the world with lots of undisturbed nature. I restore my balance and get my groove back in there and then I can keep on travelling. I only have to fix the hair though 🙂

Good morning Vietnam!<< >>Diving.

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