When travelling proves you wrong…

I was going to Cambodia with a perception of a poor country with no hope. A country beaten by genocide and US bombs during Vietnam war and the civil war afterwards. A country where shooting ended less than 20 years ago and there are still no-go zones, where a wrong step is a step on […]

Khmer Rouge

When going to Cambodia I had no idea how sad and at the same time interesting is the history of this country. This story partially explains why this place is so poor. In will give it a try and share with you. In 1975, after a civil war, the Khmer Rouge party seized power in […]


I am still planning to write about how Cambodia is difficult for me. Yet so far, it is time for Angkor – the main tourist attraction and the crowds of people visting it every day. Despite this, it is amazing and magical. For me one of highlights of our trip. Many, many photos and this […]