The atmosphere of the place and people we met in Santa Juliana made us not want to leave. So far the only bad thing in the Philippines is food. Same as Indonesia – chicken, rice, chicken, rice. For breakfast traditionally pork. Or chicken. With rice. Or noodles. And so many fastfoods. Local incarnation of McDonalds […]

Luzon. Halleluia! Philippines pt 3.

*Warning! This post contains disturbing and drastic photos. Watch on your own responsibility!   We forgot this is Easter time and we may have problems finding accommodation. In fact it is even worse than Coron. Simple there is nothing available, nothing, zero. I checked all resorts,hotels, hostels, guesthouses and everything is booked. Every single room. […]

Coron. Philippines pt 2.

First time in this trip we have problems finding accommodation. Everything is either booked, looks like a dirty den or is way above our budget. The town of Coron is very crowded and very loud. The main street is an endless line of tricycles, mopeds and tourists on the sidewalk. I can hear Polish language […]