Life on Mars(a)

I don’t know how di it happen, but we are in Egypt again. Third time in my life, all inclusive. Second time in a year. Actually, I know what happened – in a pandemic world it was an easy destination, all inclusive package includes a fairy-tale reef, probably one of the best in this part […]

Mauritius FAQ

Rumor has spread that we are / were living on Mauritius. Since TUI and Rainbow Tours fly directly from Poland on a regular basis I am getting questions about when, how, what etc? So here is your FAQ and a (not so objective) guide. 1. When to go and how to get there? You can […]

welcome home where time stands still

I was lacking courage to write something and actually I was lost for words. On 1st of September we came back to Poland. We were living on Mauritius for a year.  All the feelings, images, thoughts would be more than enough to write a book but I guess for many readers it would be hard […]

Le Morne

Climbing Le Morne was a must-do while staying on Mauritius. I do not remember if I wrote about this place here before. It is a peninsula on the south-western edge of the island. If you look on the map it looks like a small tail on the corner. Filled with luxury hotels, it hosts one […]

Mr Little

Whale-watching was holding one of the top slots on my Mauritian bucket-list. You can see sperm-whales along the west coast all year. They are the biggest predators – meaning they have teeth, not baleen. They love squids and other cephalopods. They can dive very deep. I read once that a diving sperm whale damaged an […]