Life on Mars(a)

I don’t know how di it happen, but we are in Egypt again. Third time in my life, all inclusive. Second time in a year. Actually, I know what happened – in a pandemic world it was an easy destination, all inclusive package includes a fairy-tale reef, probably one of the best in this part of the world. Tired of the last months, we chose easy win.

I have a love-hate relationship with Egypt. On the one hand antent relicts, monuments, everything about history – AMAZING. The desert (and especially the night sky above) – UNBELIEVABLE, undewater – A FAIR TALE. On the other hand – massive tourism, hotel complexes scattered every 10 km in the middle of nowhere, well-groomed lawns and bushes that make me sick. How much water they neet to pump in does it have to pump to keep it in this desert environment. Pushy sellers of everything, massage massage, come to me , later okay

Underwater enviroment compensates everything. Monotonous beiges on the surface and explosion of shapes and colors under the surface. The first entry after a break always with an stronger heartbeat, especially it is also the first one since my visit in the decompression chamber. Somewhere 10 meters deep I remember what I’m here for. Problems, fatigue, noise in my head – everything is gone, there is only a deep breath, big blue, and colors, forms and textures.

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