Here you have a few memories from Malaysian Borneo. These places come back on a regular basis in our memories and rank high in the top places of this trip – Kinabatangan River and Kinabalu Park in Sabah province and Bako National Park near Kuching.

Cameron Highlands

In Cameron Highlands we stayed in Tanah Rata which is where usually visitors start. It is like Malaysian Zakopane with its very characteristic buildings, all similar to one another and highland style. There is the main street like our Kropowki, full of restaurants and all the stuff from China on stalls. And it is cold! […]

Taman Negara

Taman Negara is the biggest national park in Malaysia and one of the oldest forests in the world. There are plenty of trekking routes, some taking few hours, to finish others you will need days. If we did not had the opportunity to go to Borneo, we would have stayed there for longer for sure. […]

Malacca and Georgetown

From time to time we need cities and a bit of “civilization” along the way. We can do our laundry, restock supplies. Or at least try… Finding flip flops for a teenager in an Asian country is a bit of a challenge. Sizes are up to EUR 42 maximum and this 42 is usually not […]

Kuala Lumpur

As of now Malaysia takes the lead as a most-freezing country. It looks like air conditioning is a symbol of status here and therefore exceeding 18 Celsius degrees inside a vehicle would mean losing face and honor for its driver. After 15 hours on a bus from Miri to Kuching, trembling, wrapapped in everything we […]
Crowd on Malacca Jonker Walk

Reasons we travel

One of the reasons we decided to quit our jobs and go for a sabbatical was to show the world to our kids. And not just “the world” but rather “the world as it is now”. To be honest it is quite likely it will not be like this anymore when they grow up. So […]

Kucing means cat

We heard a lot about Kuching while still at Bunaken. An old colonial city, so different from others, lot’s of national parks – Bako, Orangutans, Rafflesia flowers. 15 hours on a bus took its toll, so after we finally reached our hostel, there was time to reset, use wifi, study, download photos and catching up […]

Sabah and Sarawak

The logistics of getting to Danum Valley turned out to be too complex for us to make it a budget-friendly trip (meaning spending $1000 for the whole trip not per person). Doable in theory but due to various circumstances, not doable for us – we missed the bus going to the research facility and the […]

Sukau, welcome to Borneo

Indonesia did not want to let us go. First we missed the ferry then there was no connection available. This is when adventure starts and it is a test for our pack. Dealing with the unexpected and dealing with frustration – ours and our kids’. “What now? I am hungry! Need to toilet! I am […]