Cameron Highlands

In Cameron Highlands we stayed in Tanah Rata which is where usually visitors start. It is like Malaysian Zakopane with its very characteristic buildings, all similar to one another and highland style. There is the main street like our Kropowki, full of restaurants and all the stuff from China on stalls. And it is cold! “Only” 25 degrees. They even sell caps and gloves! The boys welcomed it – it was the first time since we left Poland that the heat does not feel like punching you straight in the face. We finally can use our long-sleeves and hoodies.

Tourists come to Cameron Highlands mostly to see the tea plantations (including a visit to tea factory). So before we even started, Szymon was already complaining – “but mum, what we are going to do there? I am not going to stare at a tea-making machine for an hour”. Of course he stopped the moment we left our hotel – because we can hichhike and ride on the back of a pickup truck along a windy mountain road and also because the plantation itself is like a labirynth and so much fun to play. And when you finally get tired and wet from the rain, you can rest in a cafe, sip local team and just enjoy the view.

Apart from picturesque landscapes and tea this area also is famous for strawberry plantations but to be honest, in this case silence speaks louder than words. Instead of paying a visit to small glass domes I’d recommend to go and see Mossy Forest. Officially closed for renovation (Dec 2017) but hey forest is forest and trail is trail. Does not need to have a “official” label attached, right?

This forest is like a fairy tale. Wet, covered in moss, mysterious, like none other I ever saw before.

Terima Kasih Malaysia, you were amazing.

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