Kucing means cat

We heard a lot about Kuching while still at Bunaken. An old colonial city, so different from others, lot’s of national parks – Bako, Orangutans, Rafflesia flowers. 15 hours on a bus took its toll, so after we finally reached our hostel, there was time to reset, use wifi, study, download photos and catching up […]

Sabah and Sarawak

The logistics of getting to Danum Valley turned out to be too complex for us to make it a budget-friendly trip (meaning spending $1000 for the whole trip not per person). Doable in theory but due to various circumstances, not doable for us – we missed the bus going to the research facility and the […]

Sukau, welcome to Borneo

Indonesia did not want to let us go. First we missed the ferry then there was no connection available. This is when adventure starts and it is a test for our pack. Dealing with the unexpected and dealing with frustration – ours and our kids’. “What now? I am hungry! Need to toilet! I am […]

On haggling in Indonesia

As a rather analytical mind I was always a hopeless negotiator in various street situations, either when you want a better price or need to persuade someone to do / don’t do something. No wonder that travelling across Indonesia with my family turned out to be a little challenge. In Indonesia (or at least the […]


Dear diary! I hope you are fine even though I was not writing much lately. There is so much going on that I need time to set things straight in my head and then I am lost for words to describe all this and then more and more happens and when you finally stop to […]