welcome home where time stands still

I was lacking courage to write something and actually I was lost for words. On 1st of September we came back to Poland. We were living on Mauritius for a year.  All the feelings, images, thoughts would be more than enough to write a book but I guess for many readers it would be hard to swallow. It happened so fast and at the same time there were so many new experiences that I think this year was fuller and more intensive than many before. I am still high on the euphoria of coming back and being greeted with such joy and happiness. The weather Gods were generous and Poland welcomed us with beautiful, warm weather, unusual for September. Answering the most common question – “no, I am not depressed yet”. Everything has its pros and cons or as we say “positive positives and negative positives”. I do appreciate so many things here, even more than ever before. At the same time Warsaw is overwhelming. Too fast, too loud. I am missing nature (except the “multi-legged” part) and I am missing the ocean so much. I refrain from watching our photos or movies. It is better to leave them for long, cold winter nights. I am afraid I could leave this all behind again and go again.

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