Good morning Vietnam!

In fact it is more of a Goodbye Vietnam because I am writing this from a hostel in Bangkok. We came back to Thailand to see its northern part and are staying here to take care of a few matters (will my backpack be fixed this time?). We left Vietnam with mixed feelings, especially Wojtek […]


Saigon is an old name of what is known now as Ho Chi Minh City. It was named after the leader of Vietnam’s Communist Party and later the country’s president – Ho Chi Minh. Our first day was lazy with some rest and sightseeing. Saigon has a lot of small streets with tiny restaurants, neons […]

To Vietnam

A time has come to cross a border once again. Vietnam we are coming. The trick was that we equipped ourselves with eVisas to avoid border scams and agency fees and not every crossing accepted them. The closest one to us did not. The next one neither but we did not fancy another 8 hours […]

When travelling proves you wrong…

I was going to Cambodia with a perception of a poor country with no hope. A country beaten by genocide and US bombs during Vietnam war and the civil war afterwards. A country where shooting ended less than 20 years ago and there are still no-go zones, where a wrong step is a step on […]