Around the world. How it all started?

The idea to travel around the world popped up a few years ago. In fact let’s be honest – we are not unique in thinking “there is more to life than a 9-to-5 job, living weekend to weekend following the regular beat of monthly mortgage payments”. One day, searching for end of the Internet I found It was a revelation!!! I do not have to wait until retirement or until my kids start life on their own. We can go together!!! An adventure for all of us. If I could one thing to my kids, it would be that the world is beautiful, diverse, colorful and multi-cultural. And perhaps I do not need a million dollars to do this.

We started to regularly put some money aside and researched. Then an opportunity came to live abroad – one year on Mauritius gave us a lot to think of…

We both worked hard our corporate jobs, wondering if our life is ever going to change. Then 2017 came and a decision that it is time to go. Now! Our younger son is big enough to carry a backpack for more than just around the corner and our older one still fancies travelling with his parents but we all know well that this is the last moment. For a teenager the parents just cannot be as cool as their friends.

You can believe it or not but the decision was not that easy. I like my work, I am surrounded by great people and have a quite comfortable life in Warsaw. I am 1000% aware of this and I do appreciate it. Since we both quit our jobs I feel like bungee jumping. A delicate balance of euphoria and panic…. Oh my god how it is going to be…?

Keep fingers crossed. October 1st, off we go!

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