Ocean drive

It turned out I had to come back to Warsaw for a few days and also had to take Szymon with me. We were leaving sunny Warsaw full of strawberries, fresh potatoes, dill, cyclists and picnics by the river. It is this time of the year when both chestnut trees and elderberries blossom and even though our stay this time was short, I felt like I fell in love with the city again.

But before I actually jumped on the plane to Poland, we decided to climb Tourelle du Tamarin, at the base of which we are living now. Trying to climb it with my leg not fully recovered was not a good idea but like my mom says, who’s not great at thinking must be good at walking. So my leg hurts now even more and I can wave goodbye to our morning runs for now. Nevertheless the view was magnificent.

Black River w dole a dalej Le Morne
Black River below and Le Morne on the horizon.
Środek wyspy
Center of island.
Tamarin. Tam w dole, w trzeciej uliczce od prawej stoi nasz dom.
Tamarin.  Down there, third street on the right stands our house.

This traveling from Mauritius to Poland is tough for me. Almost 24 hours since you leave home till you enter the other home. 12 hours on a plane. A company of drunk Polish people on the plane assures me that I have to leave this country and never come back. Make Poland Great Again is not my story.

Despite only 2 hours of timezone difference I am a zombie, wandering late at night and unable to wake up in the morning. Switching to driving on the other side is a nightmare. For the first 3 days I keep on turning windshield wipers instead of turn-indicators. Mauritius is colder than Warsaw this time of the year and very windy and I am lost, unable to decide where I would like to be now. Yet the ocean view soothes my heart.

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