I realized it is really September and it is the final countdown. Almost a year has passed since we left Poland. At the same time on the scale of experiences, feelings, knowledge this year was like five years. When I look at the map of our route I realize how much we did. At the same time it becomes clear how many white spots are left to discover, not mentioning the ones I would gladly return to.

Szymon already has created a google map of his future trip across Africa. I keep thinking how much they saw already and what mark it will leave on their future.

I watched two seasons of “Alone” on History Channel. This reality show was the best thing I saw lately. Especially as it reflects on our own experience of being “alone” in our own microscale of things. It is not about struggle with nature, rather with yourself and other members of our team. In quite basic living conditions. Even though the world is truly a global village now and one can get in touch with your relatives almost anytime. Yet it is hard for us to keep in touch with the reality of what we left behind as it is hard for our friends to grasp how it feels to be where we are.

Long ago I thought that leaving everything behind and just travelling is the best thing one can do. I could not understand why people come back to their countries, to their old jobs, or “god forbid” their corporate jobs. I had to do this myself. To see the world to be able to appreciate what I left behind. My work, my comfortable life and most of all, people. The world is beautiful, diverse, fascinating but also sometimes repulsive, scary or strange. And all these emotions mean nothing if there is no one to share them with you.

I keep reading news from Poland and feel ashamed or my blood boils with rage. I am torn between “never coming back to this country” and “one must take care of your own homeland because it can only get better if we stay and demand what is important for us”.

We all miss home. The boys miss our place, their rooms, our kitchen, the school and friends. After living for a year in a 9 kilos backpack I will be happy to peak into my wardrobe (and I never ever say again I have nothing to wear). Perhaps I will also visit my hairstylist and do my nails?

The boys are coming back to school and we will be looking for new jobs. Keep your fingers crossed.

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