What a mess!

The heat and humidity hit us hard right after leaving the plane. Looks like our bodies adjusted back to dry climate and forgot how it was in South-East Asia. The boys complain but me and Wojtek were missing tropical weather. Cancun looks like a mass-tourism trap so we leave it as soon as possible on […]

Train to Chicago

We returned our second car in the beautiful town of Whitefish and loaded like camels (with all the camping gear we bought in the US on top of our backpacks) left for the train station. We decided that crossing the US on board of “Empire Builder” – an Amtrak train running along the Canadian border […]

Star Trek

Long ago, during one of long flights on a business trip, do not remeber if it was Mauritius, India or Australia, I watched a documentary on Star Trek and its creator – Gene Roddenberry. What struck me was his vision, clearly showing that humanity somehow overcame the struggles between nations and came out united to […]