New York City

I was afraid of New York City for many reasons. I was expecting a big, overwhelming city. I knew it will be superexpensive and we are budget travellers. I feared the sadness of the last stop on our journey before heading back home. Finally I have my personal reasons which I do not want to […]


I realized it is really September and it is the final countdown. Almost a year has passed since we left Poland. At the same time on the scale of experiences, feelings, knowledge this year was like five years. When I look at the map of our route I realize how much we did. At the […]

Tough love

Mexico is either fascinating or tiring to the point of thinking about leaving immediately. And then again I come across something so awesome that I want to stay. This has been happening over and over again. For the first time in this whole journey we have some health problems – fever, stuffy nose, pain in […]

Buenos dias!

– Can you hear the dentists? – Wojtek asked. Dentists are the insects which we could hear in Taman Negara and Bako National Parks in Malaysia. They make a special sound, very similar to the noise a dentist drill makes. We heard the “dentists” once again in Palenque, while visiting the ancient Mayan ruins. It […]