Sukau, welcome to Borneo

Indonesia did not want to let us go. First we missed the ferry then there was no connection available. This is when adventure starts and it is a test for our pack. Dealing with the unexpected and dealing with frustration – ours and our kids’. “What now? I am hungry! Need to toilet! I am […]

On haggling in Indonesia

As a rather analytical mind I was always a hopeless negotiator in various street situations, either when you want a better price or need to persuade someone to do / don’t do something. No wonder that travelling across Indonesia with my family turned out to be a little challenge. In Indonesia (or at least the […]


Dear diary! I hope you are fine even though I was not writing much lately. There is so much going on that I need time to set things straight in my head and then I am lost for words to describe all this and then more and more happens and when you finally stop to […]

Tana Toraja

Few years ago I read an article in National Geographic about Tana Toraja. It painted a picture of a mythical, inaccessible land where people have a completely different approach to death. I did not know how I am going to get there but it was a hot spot on our route through Indonesia. It took […]

Java shake

While staying in Ubud we made a few more trips to visit temples: Gunung Kawi, Tirta Empul and Goa Gajah. Then it started to rain. After 3 days of rain all our stuff and our rooms started to stink and laundry kept hanging wet, showing no signs of drying. On a side note – just […]


A flip of a coin or rather a promotion in Emirates ended up in an Indonesian island of Bali being our first destination. About two weeks before our departure we learnt that the Bali volcano – Mount Agung woke up. There is smoke, local earthquakes and many people were evacuated. In case it erupts, our […]

Around the world. How it all started?

The idea to travel around the world popped up a few years ago. In fact let’s be honest – we are not unique in thinking “there is more to life than a 9-to-5 job, living weekend to weekend following the regular beat of monthly mortgage payments”. One day, searching for end of the Internet I […]

Mauritius FAQ

Rumor has spread that we are / were living on Mauritius. Since TUI and Rainbow Tours fly directly from Poland on a regular basis I am getting questions about when, how, what etc? So here is your FAQ and a (not so objective) guide. 1. When to go and how to get there? You can […]