welcome home where time stands still

I was lacking courage to write something and actually I was lost for words. On 1st of September we came back to Poland. We were living on Mauritius for a year.  All the feelings, images, thoughts would be more than enough to write a book but I guess for many readers it would be hard […]

Le Morne

Climbing Le Morne was a must-do while staying on Mauritius. I do not remember if I wrote about this place here before. It is a peninsula on the south-western edge of the island. If you look on the map it looks like a small tail on the corner. Filled with luxury hotels, it hosts one […]

Mr Little

Whale-watching was holding one of the top slots on my Mauritian bucket-list. You can see sperm-whales along the west coast all year. They are the biggest predators – meaning they have teeth, not baleen. They love squids and other cephalopods. They can dive very deep. I read once that a diving sperm whale damaged an […]

Ocean drive

It turned out I had to come back to Warsaw for a few days and also had to take Szymon with me. We were leaving sunny Warsaw full of strawberries, fresh potatoes, dill, cyclists and picnics by the river. It is this time of the year when both chestnut trees and elderberries blossom and even […]