About traveling

We were not sure if our plan to go camping while in the US will work, so we kept our plans only high level – a loop over the national parks of Arizona, Utah, Nevada and back again to California. Then north along the coast through San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. With an option to […]

Joshua Tree

I do not know why but in my mind Joshua Tree was full of green even though I have never been there. The only other association was with U2 hit album so perhaps this is the source – Irish band from green Ireland and Joshua Tree. Green. Huh… It is brutal. It is not as […]

Los Angeles

A very long flight with a stopover in Honolulu is behind us. US was never on my bucket list. Even more… I was saying I will never go there as long as there will be visa requirement for us. Nevertheless, when a time came, I submitted my visa application and got a nice sticker in […]


Long, long time ago, in previous life, so about 2013 I saw a photo on instagram. The photo stayed in my mind and I was hoping to see the place with my own eyes one day. This day was today. Moorea is beautiful, a volcanic island with sharp, green peaks rising suddently from the sea. […]