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We were not sure if our plan to go camping while in the US will work, so we kept our plans only high level – a loop over the national parks of Arizona, Utah, Nevada and back again to California. Then north along the coast through San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. With an option to cancel anytime and go elsewhere. After that we will see – possibly Chicago and New York (visiting family), maybe travel across US by train (because why not),maybe go check Yellowstone and Grand Teton…

It is good to have a plan. Whenever you have mess in your head you can go and check the plan. Nevertheless we make detailed plans only for few days ahead. When friends ask “where next” I am nor really sure about the answer.

I do not know how we do this to ourselves all the time – we keep on reminding ourselves that we have to travel slower, with no rush. See less places but stay longer, so that we are less tired at the end, It is better for Szymon and in fact for all of us. Then our neverending craving to see more and discover more creeps in and again we change places every 2-3 days. No matter that stuffy nose or sore throat (angina?) – does it get better or worse on the desert? Or that knee, which hurts more every day. Lets put some bandage with soda and rest one day only to go for a 6 hour trek the day after. Then repeat…

The vastness of America is overwhelming. Kilometers (sorry miles) of nothing with no signs of human presence. Only majestic mountains looming on the horizon. I still think the coffee is terrible here and food not much better but nature is truly amazing. There are over 400 national parks. The scale of it is monumental and I have no words to describe it not to sound banal.

The cheapest way to visit the US – camping – is also the most spectacular when it comes to views. I learned to catch sunrises on a regular basis and each time it is magnificient. I would not trade it for anything.

The holiday season started and we are meeting more and more Americans on holiday and in camper-vans (also known as RV here). They move around in these houses on wheels, with their foldable chairs, portable fridges, carpets, grills and whatever else they can fit inside. I like the idea but renting an RV is equal to staying at decent hotels, so not for us. The tent works great however and you can set it up almost anywhere (while there are places, RVs cannot go).

The national parks also have attractions for kids. Each one has its „junior ranger” program. There is a list of tasks related to flora, fauna or history of the park. Then a pledge ceremony and the junior ranger receives its badge. Szymon started collecting these badges and I think he would do great here. He is also doing great as our family [wodzirej]. He has a talent for breaking ice and meeting people. Not being discouraged by his poor english he just goes with the flow excusemecaniplaywithyou and makes new friends. But also more and more often he says he has enough of travelling and mum, I would like to see Yellowstone, Mexico and then I can go home. We do miss home.

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