Price for paradise pt. 2

Still the US remains the most exotic of countries we visited in this trip. The crisis grows like the level of lava on the nearby island’s volcano and I think I would never come here for holiday from Poland. It keeps raining and I do not want to see anything, even though I am sure there is sun on the other side of the island. We stay at home for the whole day – watch movies, review photos from our camera and videos from gopro. I am trying to review and put some order into this. I know that from the perspective of normal life this sounds strange but when you keep on travelling for so long, you need a break, do-nothing-time to get some fresh air into your head.

We are also trying to make plans for the first leg of our US trip – rent a car, place to stay in LA and what next? When renting a car you need to have a credit card or a return ticket and when I start thinking about this ticket, I feel sadness. There is still so much more to see and do!

Seeing aggressive capitalism of daily life in Hawaii makes me wonder if we are heading in the right direction or rather would change course towards South America soon. I keep on repeating what I heard from others – Hawaii is a different reality – the mainland US is different, better. I feel mad that everything here is so absurdly expensive, shitty food irritates me – you need to be alert all the time, read all the labels because you can find milk and sugar in olive oil and all possible elements in a cookie and I would not even give them to birds. Water in tap smells like it is coming directly from the pool and even after boiling is not drinkable. And there are around 100 thousand people on one island and 6 thousand of them are homeless. This is paradise.

Or perhaps I am complaining because for the first time we all get a little stomach-sick or the boys have their arguments and fights now every single day. Or the anglo-saxon “how are you? Oh fantastic! Gorgeous!” which for us is courteous but meaningless and tiring in the long run. The client pays, the client gets. No slavic connection of souls, no sarcasm nor irony.

And then I see locals and these little scenes of daily life. I cannot keep my eyes off of them. How beautiful they are, how they treat one another. Ohana means family, mahalo – thank you, aloha – love.

Then we rent a car to see Maui close by and soon I will have to recall all the bad things I said about Hawai’i. Nature is spectacular. The road to Hana and further east is hundreds of curves, waterfalls, cliffs, moon-like landscapes. The western part of the island is no-worse. Small Honolua Bay hidden behind fairy-tale forest with rocky beach and aquarium under water – the reef, fish, sea urchins and my beloved turtles! Makena beach in the south – wide, sandy with yellow-orange sand and crystal-clear water! Magic!

We wake up at 2 a.m. to see the sunrise from the highest point of Maui – the top of Haleakala. It is cold but this time we have proper clothes and shoes.. The sun slowly rises from behind the mountains and a landscaspe as if on the moon shows of and disappears behind the clouds. Everyone enjoys the view in silence, contemplating the spectacle on the sky. I feel no words would be good enough to describe this.

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