Homeless in Seattle

We returned our rental car in Seattle and checked in at the hostel – the only one available and cheap enough not to ruin our budget. The place was cool, located in downtown with various activities for guests every day: Monday hot cocoa and cookies at 8 p.m., Wednesday excursion with a guide, Saturday beer. […]

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is located at the north-western edge of United States. It is so big and diverse that they decided to divide it into three separate areas. We decided to split our stay between two campsites because the distances are too big to drive all around the penisula all the time. Kalaloch is located […]

Redwood National Park

We drove north, almost to the tip of California, to Redwood National Park. Redwood is a name of a tree cousin of sequoias. Not as wide but taller. Redwood park is also home of Hyperion – the tallest living sequoia on Earth. Did you know that they can live 2000 years?! The forest is amazing. […]

Where are you from?

“Are you French?” “Excuse me, what language do you speak?” “Where do you come from?” “Is this French?” I have no idea why Americans think we are French? I would be probably a bad person to say that the only thing the Americans associate with Europe is France but on the other hand the Internet […]

Yosemite National Park

After a month in National Parks you start to wonder whether there can be still something new or surprising. And then it turns out each park is different and each one is unique. Yosemite is on Unesco World Heritage list and every year receives around 4 million visitors. You can feel this – yes, there […]