Redwood National Park

We drove north, almost to the tip of California, to Redwood National Park. Redwood is a name of a tree cousin of sequoias. Not as wide but taller. Redwood park is also home of Hyperion – the tallest living sequoia on Earth. Did you know that they can live 2000 years?! The forest is amazing. Covered with moss, misty and monumental.

There is the ocean too. Wide, empty beaches. The same ocean which surrounded us on Hawaii and Moorea yet so much different. Dark-grey beaches and water, dark and greenish, cold to the bone. Remnants of dead crabs on sand and if you are lucky you can spot sea creatures like seals and the like between the waves.

The coast is colder and Tytus is so happy about that. I, on the contrary, after so much time in tropical weather find temperatures lower by 10-12 degrees really hard. I feel like I want to spend my time inside my sleeping bag and so buying a warm jacket and trousers feels like winning the lottery. I guess winter in Poland may be tough 😉

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