Where are you from?

“Are you French?” “Excuse me, what language do you speak?” “Where do you come from?” “Is this French?” I have no idea why Americans think we are French? I would be probably a bad person to say that the only thing the Americans associate with Europe is France but on the other hand the Internet […]

Yosemite National Park

After a month in National Parks you start to wonder whether there can be still something new or surprising. And then it turns out each park is different and each one is unique. Yosemite is on Unesco World Heritage list and every year receives around 4 million visitors. You can feel this – yes, there […]

About traveling

We were not sure if our plan to go camping while in the US will work, so we kept our plans only high level – a loop over the national parks of Arizona, Utah, Nevada and back again to California. Then north along the coast through San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. With an option to […]

Joshua Tree

I do not know why but in my mind Joshua Tree was full of green even though I have never been there. The only other association was with U2 hit album so perhaps this is the source – Irish band from green Ireland and Joshua Tree. Green. Huh… It is brutal. It is not as […]

Los Angeles

A very long flight with a stopover in Honolulu is behind us. US was never on my bucket list. Even more… I was saying I will never go there as long as there will be visa requirement for us. Nevertheless, when a time came, I submitted my visa application and got a nice sticker in […]