Six months on the road

First of April (and it is not the Fools Day) it’s been six months since we left home. When we were planning our journey, I was wondering what we will be doing in Asia for so long? It passed in the blink of an eye and at the same time it feels like a few years – so many adventures, impressions, places. And I still feel we just scratched the surface. I have to come back to Indonesia and Philippines for sure, both countries have incredible nature, on land and underwater. It is unbelievable beauty. I also have warm feelings for Cambodia. And there are still so many places we did not visit, did not touch at all.

Tomorrow we start a new chapter in Japan – for now it is the only country for which we have an agenda, booked all accomodations, train tickets and so on. We planned also few next steps until June, bo who knows what future will bring? 

Sometimes I miss home like hell, sometimes I don’t want to come back to Poland at all. Sometimes I feel like screaming, or I want to leave my family and escape to be with my own thoughts for some time. Sometimes we have one common room with bunk beds, sometimes separate bungalows. Sometimes it is luxurious with aircon and sometimes it is just a hole in the ground as a toilet and cold water in bucket as a shower. Sometimes we walk so long I feel terrible pain in my muscles, or my ass hurts after several hours in a bus or my skin is burned after several hours in the sun. Sometimes I can’t stand the rice and I have fantasies about veggies (spinach!) and dark polish bread. Meat eaters have their own fantasies about pasztet (kind of meat pie). Yet I could still eat mangoes and coconuts all day but Tytus can’t even look at bananas anymore. After all, the decision to make this trip was the best thing that could come to our minds.

Below you can see short movies from Thailand, when we were mainly busy with island hopping and catching the sun.

Luzon. Halleluia! Philippines pt 3.<< >>Batad

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